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European federation of the centers on research and informing on sectarianism (FECRIS - the European Federation of Research Centers against Sectarianism) has spent International conference «Totalitarian sects and human rights on safe existence» on May, 15-16th in St.-Petersburg.

Conference has passed on the basis of St.Petersburg State University faculty of law. Delegates from 23 countries of Western and the Eastern Europe, and as the USA took part in action.

The participants of the conference spoke about results of their work, designated a world problem concerning strengthening of negative influence of destructive cults in society.

Alexander Leonidovich Dvorkin, President of RACIS, listed anumber of articles of the General declaration of human rights which totalitarian sects violate. «Democratic principles now face new threat which is in many respects similar to Nazism threat», — he considers.

Thomas Sakvill, the trustee of Fund of Protection of the Family, the former deputy minister of internal affairs of Great Britain (on May, 17th he was selected as president of FECRIS) called all organizations which are engaged in studying of destructive cults, to unite their efforts for attraction of attention of  public to an existing problem.

The theme of the conference wasn't pleasant to followers of Falungun and scientologists. They organized their posts round a building of faculty of law of St.Petersburg State University, photographed participants of conference, trying to put thus psychological pressure and as representatives of these organizations distributed to passers-by information sheets. In one of them it is told: «Carrying out of similar conferences is the direct threat to a freedom of worship in our country».

The woman distributing the information newspaper of Falungun followers told the passer-by that passing conference violates human rights.

Strange, but does human rights on safe existence really breaks the rights of other people and threaten a freedom of worship?

Perhaps it deprives of freedom those who try to enslave the people?

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