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«Karma elimination», «rise on higher levels» and «achievement of performance of all desires» - these are three basic theses used by Li Hunchzhi to control the followers of "Falungun". Li insists that all followers should give up all affairs to be engaged in "Falungun"; they have to forget and reject from all rules and concepts of «usual people’s» lives. At the same time he demands, that followers devote their hearts and souls to "karma elimination» and «to rise on higher levels» for «achievement of performance of all desires». What does that mean?

First, what does «karma elimination» mean?

Birth, old age, illness and death are incontestable laws. If a person is ill, he should visit doctor and take medicine. However, Li Hunchzhi declares that «a principal cause of all illnesses and failures is karma». He thinks that karma, which is called illness, is always caused by devil deeds. What one should do in such case? Karma is pressed by taking medicines; it is impossible to clear human’s body, and hence medicines do not cure illness. «Those who sincerely practice «Falungun» won't be ill and will not face danger … Only they can become really free from illnesses».

How the person can «eliminate karma» to recover and become happy? Li Hunchzhi assures that a unique way is to practice "Falungun". «If you don't practice, you will die soon». What should one do to start practice? Li Hunchzhi answers: «Study my theory, read my books, look my video recordings and listen to my audio records». He preaches that only practice is not enough; everyone should read books and learn Dafu (the Great Law) by heart and copy it without any mistakes. «If you do even one mistake you are to start from the very beginning».

Can «karma elimination» cure illnesses? Of cause, it cannot. "Falungun" follower from Janchen city, Jiangsu provinces knew about his serious heart disease, but he didn't visit hospital, as Li Hunchzhi has ordered. He completely devoted himself to "Falungun" practice and  hoped to get rid of illness. However he died because of heart attack during exercising "Falungun". Other follower of "Falungun" also has refused from visiting hospital and eventually committed suicide hiding medicines on a breast without daring to take it being not able to bear sufferings caused by illness. According to rough calculation today over 1500 "Falungun" folowers died because of their belief in Li Hunchzhi’s theory about «karma elimination» and refusal of medical treatment. However, how does Li Hunchzhi cure his illnesses? Li Hunchzhi and his daughter had 73 bills for medical treatment when he worked in «Changchun City Cereals and Oil Company» among which 48 were his own. In 1984 Li had operation on appendicitis remove. These facts prove, that Li Hunchzhi does not applie «karma elimination» for treatment and he does not play jokes with his life.

Why does Li Hunchzhi call others for “karma elimination” though he knows it does not help?

Li answered: «Illness is a test on your attitude to Falungun. You never know, what sphere you want to reach. How can you do it in such case? You can do it yourself. As long as you are full of determination in practicing Falungun Master Li Hunchzhi will be with you. As ling as you trust in me, devoting your reason for Falungun, and worship me, I will be with you». These words completely open Li Hunchzhi’s theory of “karma elimination”. «Karma elimination» means obedience to Li Hunchzhi.

How can one «rise on higher levels»?

Li Hunchzhi has declared: « Human race has fallen downwards from the Universe, level by level, on the lowest level and their life proceeds at the lowest level» and «Human world is nowadays full of evil». He told to the followers that they should escape from human race and level by level rise on the highest level, and «my purpose is to help you to rise on the highest levels».

Li Hunchzhi demands from the followers “to extend and protect Falungun”. "Distribution of "Falungun" means that followers should gather for reading books, listening of audio records, watching of video recordings and information interchange about «magic influence» of Hunchzhi’s doctrines, telling mystical stories about the followers who survived after accidents and have recovered from a cancer. Li Hunchzhi speaks to the followers: «you must not tell things which can do much harm to Dafa image». However, it is not surprising that among followers there appeared conversations which can really do much harm to Dafa image. What are they to do? Li Hunchzhi insists that «they should protect Dafa». He has told to followers: «Some people with soul of a devil extend gossips to create troubles for us"." Human heart will appear during the critical moment "," Do not be afraid of "Falungun". Your body will continue to meditate, even if you are decapitated».

Time has come to test "Falungun" followers. In order to protect Dafa some devout followers of "Falungun" have started to besiege mass media and publishing organizations, local parties and government agencies and even Chzhonnanhaj, the location of the Central government of Beijing. After incident of a siege of the Peking television broadcasting station, in which only few followers took part, Li Hunchzhi has warned his pupils: «There are not many such cases to rise to highest levels. It is time to test you! If you don't want to rise on highest levels, no one will do that for you! »

But still there are followers who doubt in Li Hunchzhi’s words. Li Hunchzhi addressed them: «Lately some followers have suddenly died. Some of them died because they didn't protect Dafa. There are many deities on different levels. And their aim is to protect Dafa! Also there are demons which won't forgive you if you can't protect Dafa»!

So, «raise on highest levels» means strengthening of belief in Li Hunchzhi, creation of anxieties and different actions helping Li Hunchzhi to realize the personal political intentions. If you have caused troubles, you can rise on highest level. Otherwise, demons will come and take your life.

What does «achievement of performance of all desires» mean?

Li Hunchzhi has declared: «One, who reaches the given step, will become Buddha, Taoist or immortal». «Development is the greatest force on earth. All mankind should rise in that sphere where it can become Bodhisatvoj, Buddha, Taosist or immortal people». «Having reached the given level, you can easily blow off dust and take Earth in your hands». Li promised: «I will create a miracle for mankind. When you will reach realization, I will allow Dafa deities to take bodies and to depart to heaven with them. If they don't want to take them, they can transform them into a rainbow and then depart. People don't trust in existence of deities, but I will show them». Li Hunchzhi declared he wants to create millions deities.

Has anyone of Li Hunchzhi’s followers reached such level? According to Li Hunchzhi some persons have really made it. Former "Falungun" follower has told about following incident. « In July, 1999 seven followers of "Falungun" from Hajkoj have died and one has been injured in a car accident on their way from Sanja, though Li Hunchzhi promised protection for them. But they died. Many followers asked explanations after the accident have. Later, Whether to us have brought the Holy Writ of Hunchzhi in which it was said that these people have reached «performance of all desires», having deserved it at Dafy in such a way ». After that many have decided it is not so difficult to reach the given level. Li Julin, the farmer from district Dunljao, provinces Jilin, has committed suicide, having hung up, and Li Tszin Jung, the farmer of district Tunlju, a province of Shansi, burnt to himself. Many of "Falungun" followers have killed themselves by jumping in the river and having sunk, having cut their stomach or in other ways. However these people were declared as “demons” as they did not get Li Hunchzhi’s blessing.

«Achievement of performance of all desires» means sacrifice your to Hunchzhi. In other words, if the follower truthfully served Li Hunchzhi and has lost the life, it is said to be «achievement of performance of all desires». It is possible to tell that the decision accepted by Li Hunchzhi very much depends on his mood. If Li Hunchzhi stays in bad mood the person after suicide is declared to be a demon.

Even short analysis of Li Hunchzhi’s theories about «karma elimination», «rise on higher levels» and «achievement of performance of all desires» proves that Li Hunchzhi simply uses heretical statements to deceive followers of "Falungun" and to use them with a view of serving to his hidden wishes. These are those three main methods which Li Hunchzhi uses to control the Falun Dafa followers.


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