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An action of Falun Dafa Dnepropetrovsk regional organization devoted to City Day on September, 11, 2010 differed very much from those which they used to hold. There were no stands with bloody pictures of “tortures and repressions” which are said to be committed in China; there was no political agitation and lists with claims to block the Olympic Games in Beijing or another ways to play dirt on People’s Republic of China.

Instead, the followers of “new spiritual way” held a competition of child pictures on asphalt named “Kindness in children’s view” and a number of other games for children. Many people of nearby micro-districts were attracted by these actions.

One of the followers explained us: “You see. We are getting better; we busy with children.”

We asked if these changes are related with the recent visit of Ukrainian President to China. And the answer was the following: “We would not like to talk about relations with China and other difficult questions on such holiday…”

Though Sergey Bukin, the head of the organization, did not answer our question, it is easy to notice that changes in their activity started immediately after President visited China and received credit of $4 billion.

There was almost nothing what reminded of scandalous actions in this children’s holiday.

There was almost nothing because as a gift children and their parents got the issue of “Falun Dafa in the world № 21” newspaper which contained old song about the main: “petitions” about tortures and repressions in China, advertisement of political book “Nine comments on Communists Party”; there were even claims about extradition of Chinese citizens who are active figures of Communists Party. They want them for “international court” which is to be held in western capitalistic countries.

Special attention should be paid to the article in which “fighters against repressions” claim about creation of special international tribunal which will judge people not according to the laws of their country, but according to some “universal justice”. The creation of such court is being prepared already and its jurisdiction will spread to all European countries. In whose interest will this “universal justice work?” It is a rhetorical question. Because there is only one country which kidnaps foreign citizens (as a rule they are politics of enemy countries) for such “courts”. And it is obviously not China.

Here one can also find accusation of Ukrainian social activists and journalists, who are disturbed with “Falun Dafa” activity in Ukraine, of “lie fabrication”, “articles written to someone’s order” and “prevention from peaceful actions”. As usual, there are no facts and proves in this article. The only prove may be reference to information which they supposedly got from “private talk” with Chinese diplomat. It’s a pity, but though many people learned such solid European words as “tolerance”, “freedom of speech” and “human rights”, they are still sure that they mean right and freedom only for them (they can criticize China’s politics, and this critics is to be heard out without any proves). But when they are criticized then it becomes “lie fabrication”, “articles written to someone’s order” and “slandering”.

But “Falun Dafa in the world” newspaper is not regional but central printed issue; it is printed in Kharkov. And who knows, maybe thanks exactly to active position of Dnepropetrovsk journalists and social organizations, which hold active explanatory work both with citizens and followers for about three years, the actions of “Falun Dafa” have become more peaceful and suspended.

Grigoriy Globa

Dnepropetrovsk Agency of Journalistic Investigations

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