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The experts’ report

On the materials, that were provided by the Dnepropetrovsk city center for the help to the victims of the destructive cults “Dialogue”

  Provided materials: the videomaterials showing the arrangements , made by Dnepropetrovsk Regional Public organization “Falun Dafa System” in Dnepropetrovsk and in Kiev; some pamphlets and a newspaper, that are distributed by this organization and the expert estimate of the photos that are placed on the posters, “Falun Dafa System” organization shows in public.


 The experts’ estimate of the photos was triggered by the Ukrainian Public Organization “Cults and Society”. (the estimate was carried out by V.A. Vasyutinsky, PhD, professor).


The problem of the Experts’ estimate: the existence of evidences of asocial or manipulative actions among the Dnepropetrovsk Regional Public organization “Falun Dafa System” members’ activity while carrying out some public arrangements.


The studying of the provided materials brought to a conclusion that the time, the place and the kind of the arrangements that are held by the Dnepropetrovsk Regional Public organization “Falun Dafa System” in Dnepropetrovsk may cause the asocial consequences. To begin with, this conclusion is based on the fact that both the photos that are demonstrated by the members of the Dnepropetrovsk Regional Public organization “Falun Dafa System” (tortures, and so on) and imitating the process of taking out of organs (this is even more evident if you look at the photos from the arrangements taking place in Kiev with their showing the models of heart, kidneys and other organs) may cause the numerous psychological problems among people, such as deprivation, anxiety, aggression, neurological symptoms, etc. this may have even more negative impact on underage, children and pregnant women. This is why the chosen time and place for the arrangements in Dnepropetrovsk have a harmful effect. As the video materials demonstrate, the action took place in the center of the city, near the Karl Marx Avenue, at the Globa Park can those terrifyingphotos influence their mind? Insomnia, fears, hyperexcitability and other negative neurological symptoms may be a result of it. exit. In 20 meters from the place of the action, there is a café and a playground for the children. We can clearly see from our materials that little children are standing right near the demonstrated materials. How

The place of the action near the thoroughfare may result in immanent turning the people, who are passing by in the personal or public transport, into participants of the action. The arrangement is carried out in the traditional place of recreation, when the target audience are mothers and their children, who are walking in the park, thus, they are the main and the most sensitive group.

In fact, it is up to the person to decide whether to take part in such an arrangement or not. Yet, the organizers ofthe action chose the time and the place themselves, and thus impose taking part in it to some extent to anybodywho has passed by or just happened to be present at that place.

Another action of Dnepropetrovsk Regional Public organization “Falun Dafa System” that took place on the 2nd of February, year 2008 in Dnepropetrovsk. It was Saturday and the arrangement was held at 11 o’clock a.m. at the corner of Pushkin and Kirov avenues. Both place and time of event were chosen so, that the audience, even the passive one, are children and their parents, who are walking to Globa Park or Ispolkomovsky public garden in order to have a walk there. Moreover, this is the place with rather heavy traffic, so the drivers and the passengers, who are waiting near the traffic lights, are also subconsciously involved in the process of the action.

The manipulative techniques of the arrangements organizers can be seen, firstly, in their showing extremely negative video material without giving any official proof of the facts, denounced by the participants of the action. This means occurrence of the public mind manipulating with the help of the bright images and symbols, which cause definitely negative emotions. The articles in the newspapers, edited by the Dnepropetrovsk Regional Public organization “Falun Dafa System” in Dnepropetrovsk suggest that the people, who want to learn about the conclusions of the so called “independent” lawyers, should visit the website. Though if we are speaking about the mental health protection, it would be much better if they showed the demonstration of taking out of the organs (that is usually shown in public) on web either, or, maybe, hold it somewhere indoors so that only those who really want could see it. As for complete analysis of the photos, shown on the stands, professor Vasyutinskiy is completely right when he speaks that the pictures MAY PROBABLY cause amotivational aggression, some long-lasting states of suppression, depression and other mental disorders of some personality. We should mention that even the passive watching at these photos may cause some negative feelings even within the grown-up people who are good at controlling themselves. When they take an active part in the action the negative states become even more evident because of the group effects and thus may cause social aggression.

This way, on the basis of the analysis, that was carried out, we can come to a conclusion that Dnepropetrovsk Regional Public organization “Falun Dafa System” in Dnepropetrovsk creates a real social and psychological problem because of their demonstrating the imitation of the tortures, and is an inadmissible intervention in the private life of people as it makes basis for appearance of the considerable negative psychological consequences.

Conclusion: answering the question of the expert estimate, we can claim that during the public arrangements, carried out by the Dnepropetrovsk Regional Public organization “Falun Dafa System” in Dnepropetrovsk, the manipulative techniques are used, as well as we claim that the arrangements are those of asocial kind.

Doctor of public administration sciences, Candidate of sociological sciences, reader, the Head of the social-psychological researches department of the Customs Services Academy,

N.A. Lypovskaya



The experts’ estimate

Of the materials, which were provided by the

Ukrainian Public Organization “Cults and Society”



The given materials are the photos of the elements of the posters, which, according to the covering letter, are regularly shown by the members of the “the Union of Faloon Gong Followers” during their peaceful vigil in front of Chinese People’s Republic Embassy near the Mariinsky Park.

The central element of any of the estimated fragment is the photo depicting people that look like Asians – either dead or alive.

On the first photo the top of the corpse with a long scar, crossing the chest and the shoulders is shown. The other signs of the invasion, which definitely was not medical, can be seen there too.

On the second picture one can see a physically disfigured face of a person, who might be either dead, or alive.

The contents of the described pictures makes an impression that the death of the first man and the grave condition (or maybe death) of the second one were the result of severe tortures that were causing strong and unbearable sufferings.

On the third photo there are two images. The first is showing the man, whose hands in handcuffs are risen over his head. The second is showing an old man and three hands of some other people, which are forcing his head – either squeezing it or stretching. Anyway, it is clear that the actions themselves are violent and the victim is feeling a strong pain.

The situations, shown on this photo, are clearly showing the tortures that make the victims suffer, both physically and emotionally.

The demonstration of this kind may cause significant psychological problems both for the grown-up people, and for underage, especially children.

The most of grown-up citizens after looking at those photos may experience a short-lasting worsening of their mood, actualizations of such emotions as anger, resentment, sympathy and other feelings that are not pleasant anyway. As a rule, a grown-up person has enough skills that help him control himself and overcome such a negative states rather easily within several dozens oh minutes.

It is much more difficult to endure such kind of situations for the sensitive type of personality: these people are very vulnerable; they are emotional and sensitive, and they tend to be compassionate as well. If such a person is experiencing a negative impact (and the photos, described above, are definitely a negative impact), it will result in a negative psychological condition that lasts for hours or even for days and may cause tension or depression. According to the different data, the percentage of such people is from 5 to 10 percent.

The emotional experience, caused the violence, shown on the photos, may have a negative effect on psychological and emotional condition of pregnant women, elderly people and people who are having the acute condition of some mental or physical disease or had it not long ago.

In the other problem group are the people, who tend to psychopathic reactions of behavior and who may have the outbursts of aggression or fell the desire of some inadequate emotional relaxation after looking at those photos.

The whole percentage of the grown-up people, who may have psychological problems resulting from watching such a kind of sights, may come up to 20-25 percent.

The contents of the analyzed photos may be significantly hazardous for most of teenagers, as their mind and behavior are yet unstable and who are obviously lacking the means of self control in order to cope themselves adequately with the negative emotional states.

But the vision of the sights of death and violence is especially dangerous for the children. They experience strong unpleasant feelings while observing some situations, which may be obscure to them. The only meaning in those scenes is clear for them and this is violence. This may probably have a negative impact on forming the child’s personality or lead to appearance or strengthening of the negative complexes in the child’s mind or reach the level of the psychological shock that will affect the child whole future life.

So, there are significant grounds for considering “the Union of Faloon Gong Followers” members’ demonstrating the photos, mentioned above, an important social-psychological problem. This is also an inadmissible intervention in the private life of people which may have significant negative after-effects for them.

The 30th of October, year 2007.

PhD, the Head of the laboratory of the masses and associations psychology

Of the Institute of Social and Political Psychology

Of Ukrainian Academy of Sciences

V.O. Vasyutinsky

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