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The destructive sectarianism – either religious or commercial – is a destructive power for the personality and a hazard for the society. This is the conclusion, made by the participants of theOtvyetniy Hod TV program, that is on the First National TV-channel. The correspondent of the “Belorusskiye Novosti” has been present on the recording of the talk show, which will be on air in June. The cause with the anchorites from Pensa made ground for discussing the problem of sects and their influence on people. Let’s remind you that in November 2007 35 people went to live in a cave as they were waiting for the doomsday to come. They took cover in an underground sanctuary in Nikolskoye village, Pensa region. People were going to stay there till May, when the doomsday, as they thought, was going to come. The anchorites threatened the people that they were going to burn themselves if anyone tried to take them from that underground shelter.

One of the reasons of their voluntary imprisonment of the believers from Russia and Belorussia in the cave was their unwillingness to get the individual numbers of the taxpayers (INT). Besides, the anchorites are showing a very negative attitude towards giving the personal numbers, which are printed in passports of the citizens of Belorussia. 

In this respect Olga, one of the Belorussian anchorites, who is a resident of Brest region in the plot, that was made by “Otvetniy Hod” program told that according to her opinion, the numbers in her passport content “the number of the Beast”. The woman has burnt her passport and, as she says, she felt much better, she “felt herself free”. Besides, she stressed that she does not buy the goods that have barcodes on them. 

Meanwhile, Dmitry Levchenko, the head of the department of the passport affairs and of the departure abroad of the Ministry of Internal affairs’ board of citizenship and migration issues, told us that people are constantly appealing to his organization and asking to get a passport without a personal number. They tell that the reason of this request is the unwillingness to get a barcode, and a personal number and they don’t appreciate the system of registration of the citizens. In
D. Levchenkos opinion, the problem might become less burning if the church works out position that is more distinct and tells the believers that they have to obey the laws. That is the Ministry of Internal affairs’ position.

, the orthodox church is for giving the believers opportunity to get a passport without an individual number, according to the words of Alexander Shimbalev, the head of the educational department of Minsk eparchy.

Those, who want to have an ordinary form of the passport, that is used nowadays, should get it. If somebody does not want a regular passport, he or she should get an alternative document without an individual number. This is a well-taken decision as everyone should have the right of choice” – said A. Shimbalev.

However, the
Ministry of Internal affairs doesn’t appreciate this idea. As Dmitry Levchenko mentioned, the Belorussian legislations “state that one must not give any advantages to the citizens because of their religion”.

, anyway, Alexander Shimbalev, the priest, tells that the existing individual numbers do not contentthe number of a Beast. If a human being does not want it, - A. Shimbalev told, - it is impossible to make him deny the Lord, regardless of the number, he has in his passport or any other document”.

Returning to the topic of
 the anchorites from Pensa, it is worth mentioning that Olga is still dreaming of returning to the cave and tells, that the people around her treat her very badly and consider her “to be insane”.

Dubovik, the deputy of the House of Representatives, who had visited Nikolskoe village during the sectariansconfinement and spoke to them after they had returned to Belorussia, mentions that Olgapossesses the very common for the anchorites from Pensa feature, which is liability to other peoples influence”. The woman became a sectarian when she was especially vulnerable – her daughter was ill. According to N. Dubovik’s words, she really believes in what Petr Kuznetsov, the leader of “Pensa anchorites” says. For instance, she changed her comfortable flat in the city for a shabby wooden house. Well, if the woman chose this lifestyle herself, it is up to her to decide, but the problem is that her two daughters became the victims of her mother’s decision. Their mother does not work. The girls live in a terrible poverty and don’t go either to school or to kindergarten. The older girl told that there is no use of it asthe doomsday will be soon.

Nikolai Dubovik thinks that those people really feel terrible because they have believed that the doomsday would come. Now they are totally lost. But though Petr Kuznetsov didn’t go to the underground cave with them and left living as he used to, the people are not disappointed about their teacher.


So, what is the power of sects and of people like Petr Kuznetsov? 

To begin with, sectarians give people much attention and the illusion of love, we all desperately want. Sectarians notice when people’s position is vulnerable, this means that they look for those who are suffering from some illnesses themselves or whose special ones are sick, they look for the lonely or for those who are facing a hard period in his life. One of the “trump cards” sectarians use is convincing the potential members of the sect that they like them just the way they are. At this first stage, they never criticize the person or show that they want anything from them. 

Andrey Metelskiy, the psychotherapist, has mentioned that in our “time of scientific and technical progress human being is feeling an unsatisfied desire for the spiritual things. The number of sects is increasing because there is a demand of the spiritual development in society”. By the way, A. Metelskiy’s experience of dealing with the people who have become various sects members shows that “the more the person is educated, the higher are his chances of being involved into a sect. that’s a paradox, indeed”.

Moreover, the work of involving into the sect is a mass hypnosis, if we show the medical point of view. This is the idea of Victor Sucshchevich, the candidate of medicine: “People, that occupy the leading positions in sects, do not only possess the talent of mesmerizing. In most cases they have learned to influence other people with the help of hypnosis”. Victor Sushcevich considers that the number of sects that have appeared just accidentally is very low: “They appear and function according to some certain plan”. He also mentioned that only those people, who have a spiritual immunity, “which most of people, who were brought up in atheistic traditions, are lacking” have a chance of breaking up with the sect.


It seems that we will have an opportunity to find out the strength of this immunity within the Belorussian society. 

According to N. Dubovik’s information, the activity of Petr Kuznetsov’s followers still goes on. So, the deputy told the “Belorusskiye Novosti” that “the disciple of Petr Kuznetsov has recently had a meeting near Minsk and about 15 people from Polotsk and Novoplotsk were present there”.

So, Nikolai Dubovik told, the sectarianism “has something in common with infections when it comes for the power of spreading”.

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