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On the 22nd of May Vladimir Stretovich, the people’s deputy of Ukraine and Alexander Chernenko, the leader of the Christian-Democratic Union in Dnepropetrovsk region made a press-conference, -tells the Christian Megaportal and makes reference to the information agency “HiD”. The main topic of press-conference was: the illegal division of the land and non-transparent constitutional process gives birth to people’s distrust to the power. Giving his estimate to the economic and political situation that has been present in our country, Stretovich mentioned, that all the processes that are connected with the fighting in order to get power after the reelections in the big cities of our country are mostly the attempts of controlling and influencing the distribution of the land that is meant for the commercial building up. And, unfortunately, we cannot see any evidence that replacing the mayors have changed the problem of the legal usage of the local government’s land. Reelections in Kiev can serve as the best acknowledgement of it. The fight for the agricultural acres will be the next stage. That is why it’s a high time for the law machinery to start testing if any violation of the land laws in the rural areas. Unfortunately, we can see almost complete inertia of the environmental prosecutors. On one hand, the illegal building or running the object seems to be stopped, but on the other hand, it goes on after some time. They say that “the question has been solved”. The things are by no means better in Dnepropetrovsk region. They include both handing over the acres of Amur – Nizhnedneprovskiy for the 25 years term to the customer of Levoberezhnaya, a continuous usurpation of the forest areas in Elizovetovskiy trench, Petrikovka district and some fir-trees that were broken during the building process in the center of Dneprodzerzhinsk. Just by the way, two months ago there was a reelection in Dneprodzerzhinsk, but the state of things concerning the land issue didn’t get better, they even got worse. The struggle for the power has also touched upon the constitutional issue. Well, we certainly should make changes in the Constitution, but changing it in order to suit somebody’s business interests means to wreck the country. It is a high time to understanding, what kind of the country we are building. I am sure that the country should base on the Christian values and that it should be built by the new political characters – Vladimir Stretovich mentioned. Nowadays all the political decisions are made in the corridors and thus the Ukrainians stop trusting the power. If this power in the country is not changed, people start gathering in the public squares and we have to start everything from the beginning. But first of all people want to live in a stabile and prosperous country, not to spend all their life taking part in revolutions – Alexander Chernenko added.

After the press-conference the CDU had a conversation with the region and city leaders of the Christian-Liberal party of Ukraine – Svetlana Shulga and Gennadiy Samoilov in order to unite all the Christian parties and organizations into one great power. The conversation was friendly. The decision about the joint work was adopted.

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