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The percentage of the Protestant religious communities in Ukraine is increasing Версия для печати Отправить на e-mail


Nowadays there are 8428 communities that is 25,2%. More than 3 thousands of them make the Baptist communities, 2,5 thousands are  the Pentecostals, there are more than a thousand of Adventists of the Seventh Day and there are also 1032 communities of Jehovah Witnesses. During the years immediately ahead the number of the Pentecostals communities as well as the number of Jehovah Witnesses communities will increase most. This was told by Anatoliy Kolodniy, the deputy director of Skovoroda Institute of Philosophy of National Academy of Sciences, PhD on the 13th of May during the “History of religion in Ukraine” conference. Due to his words, these meanings do not show the real network of religious organizations in Ukraine, as the registration is not a must for the religious organizations. As for the statistics of the state committee for the nation and religion-related issues, there are more than 120 religions in Ukraine and there are 33841 religious communities here as well. In addition, there are 421 monasteries, 192 religious educational institutions, 12700 Sunday schools and 29,5 thousands of priests. The Orthodox community is the largest, it consists of 17174 local communities (which is 50,75%). However, according to Kolodniy’s words, the prospects of the Orthodox religion’s development in Ukraine are vague yet, the information corporation “ZIK” tells. 

 “The Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church (UGCC) has 3658 communities throughout
Ukraine, yet remains “The Galician phenomenon”. The greatest problem of the Greek-Catholic Church is that it does not follow the articles of Beresteyskaya Union, and as a result we are facing the cases of the underground consecration of episcopacy, etc”, - considers Kolodniy. There are 901 communities of Roman Catholics in Ukraine. The number of Muslim communities is increasing – it is 1138 now, but they are mostly placed in Crimea – 959. “The number of them is constantly increasing, during the recent two years there appeared 500 more communities. It is mostly because of the spreading of vahhabism”, - tells the scholar. Besides, there are 48 communities of Buddhists, 34 communities of Mormons, etc.


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