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This is exactly the way the religious organization, that is registered as a religious community “The Fire of Awakening”, Jesus Christ Church” responds to the critic.
The year has passed since the newspapers “Svoyo Mnneniye” and “Dnepr Vecherniy” published the article “the Little Slaves from Aptecarskiy Lane”. At last, the “fire-worshippers” got to answer the mere mortals. Unfortunately, the main pastor of “The Fire of Awakening” and the nominee censurer (as he calls himself) K. Maksimov in his article “Who made you censurers?” (“Zorya-gorod”23. 11.2006) prefers to answer just the questions and accusations that nobody mentioned and to ignore completely ones that took place. To begin with, nobody called Mr. Maksimovs organization “a filthy and disgusting one”. Of course, if he himself prefers such epithets we will not argue, as he must know it better. Then, this articles didn’t recommend people the only proper way “to believe, to pray and to love the Lord” (you can find their texts on, “Dispute” section).if “the main pastor and censurer nominee” was unable to understand the idea of those articles or failed to read them or might have forgotten during the year’s time, we remind him:First, the idea was the exploitation of the homeless children by this “church”. This fact is verified with the video, made during the sweep that was organized by the State Board of youth in the city executive committee and with the official letter of this State Board that addressed the head of the Criminal police in the matter of the youth DMU UMVS of Ukraine in Dnepropetrovsk region.
Then, let us mention the “uncontrolled building” of the church in Aptekarskaya Balk that took place with the breaking of all the rules of constructing code. This means that it may be dangerous for the worshippers. Why do you speak of Inquisition, the religious freedom and “the tearing of the Christians by the lions in Coliseum”?? You
do not answer the question, Mr. Pastor. And youre a grown-up man. Shame on you then. I do remember that at the beginning of the year after the edition of Dmitry Granov’s brochure “Is Christ the God of Sin?” that raised the question of the dangerous uncontrolled building, pastor Maxksimov promised his flock “this sin will be measured”. Nevertheless, according to the GASK Inspection report, the building in Aptekarskiy Lane 5b is not put into operation officially and this means that it is used illegally. The main pastor on his press conference told journalists vice versa. Besides, he will have to pay the state treasury a penalty that makes 50% of the cost of the church building.I would like to know if an absent-minded pastor remembers the “don’t perjure” commandment. Just in case, we remind him. It is in Mathew’s Evangel, chapter 19 page 18. In his interview forZorya-gorod” that took place on the 16.11.2006, the “main pastor” claims “according to the results of the inspection the facts, given in a libellous denouncement didn’t prove true”. You see, this is an interesting question: why doesn’t prosecutor’s office notice the common facts, even if they are documented and there is a corresponding video? However, this is not the only “Fire of Awakening” phenomenon. Why does Mr Kvitka, the State Board of Domestic Policy chief regularly “lose” the complaints of the “Fire of Awakening” victims? Why does every number of the Region council’s newspaper Zorya-gorod” give a whole page for Mr Maksimov cult’s obsessive self-advertisement without giving a note that it is an “advertising material”, moreover, they call it “the Eternal things”, “Spiritual Life”, etc. Does this mean that Mr Maksimov is the Region council representative and teaches us spirituality because they told him do this? That is strange anyway.And instead of giving a clear answer Mr main pastor discusses the problems of the ancient Rome state system and the beliefs of the ancient Romans who, as he says, “worshipped different saints”.Well, anyway, he must be better in the ancient Roman traditions than in modern Ukrainian legislation, as he naively asks why religious organizations cannot take part in the political life of their country. The answer can be found in the Law of Ukraine “About the Freedom of Worship”, article 6 “the religious organizations don’t take part in the political parties, don’t provide political parties with financial support and don’t give candidates for the governmental work, don’t do any agitation or financial support of any candidate for the government”. We strongly recommend the main pastor learn this law as the ignorance or the systematic forgetting of it doesn’t actually mean that one wouldn’t take the responsibility for its violation. This law does not say a word about “losing by the citizen the right of voting for a parliament or President as soon as he accepted to Lord”, as Mr. main pastor claims. This means that religious workers have no right to carry on the political agitation in church, and they have no right of collecting the flock’s signatures during the sermon and affecting the flock in order to make them vote for the certain candidate or come to power themselves either.This very law, if the members of “Fire of Awakening” deign to read it, will answer Mr. Maksimov’s question that goes like this “who has the right to decide what sum of money is proper for people’s donation to church?”. Here is the answer:”Relidious organizations have no right of making the worshippers’ donations obligatory” (article 18). And finally, Id love to explain our dear opponent (whos very good at history) that the censure isn’t a critical comments on different persons or organizations. Censure is an attempt to make those, who write anything, one is not happy to know about himself shut up. In addition, we agree with Mr. Maksimov that there are no censurers in Ukraine. All we have arenominees

Pavel Savelyev.
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