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Alexey Ledyaev “the apostle”, the leader of the new religious organization “The New Generation Church” and the author of the political doctrine “The New Universal Order”, is getting ready for his regular visit to Dnepropetrovsk.

Earlier Ledyaev, when living in Lithuenia without a citizenship, tried to visit Russia. Eventually he was claimed to be a “very unwanted person”. Nowadays the Russians are expressing their indignation of Ledyaev’s speeches that do not only consider the islamization and the popularization of homosexuality to be the same things (and mention that islamization is even more dangerous). According to M. Khuzin, the mufti’s opinion, such expressions may cause a serious interfaith conflict. Before “the apostle’s” previous visit SBU strongly recommended not to open a visa for him, as many experts find elements of relirious and political extremism in his doctrine. That time Chernovetsky, the mayor of Kyiv and Ledyaev’s coreligionist helped “the apostle” when solving visa problems.

At the present moment “the New Generation’s” business in Ukraine is far to be desired. A large group of churches with their leader Yakovlev broke away from international “NG” community and claimed their disagreement with Ledyaev’s course. As we can see from the posters, Ledyaev decided to say no to disputable religious and political slogans and called his appearance an international family conference.

The main idea of “New Universal Order” is the non-recognition the separation the church from the state that is generally accepted by most of countries. The “NG” also wants a “theocratic society” to be built and the church’s (NG church’s of course) best desire is to have dominant position there.

Nowadays NG is an international organization with its center in Lithuania and approximately 150 communities all over the world. The official “NG” website gives a plain Ledyaev’s quotation:

“The Lord has never meant the Church to be divided from the state. It has been created for the state, for the society, for the people. This is the law. Thus, the Christian ideology invasion of the deep waters of political, social, economic and spiritual life in every society is natural. The rivers bringing the living water are the strategic revelations of the Kingdom come. They are signs of its invasion of our badly organized, cursed world. Heaven has always ruled the earth and the priesthood has always ruled the kings.

This is the Lord’s order that the Good God will lately restore and confirm. This is no surprise as the Lord’s prophets and priests are the members of the heavenly power. Political leaders make the earth power.

The awakening, that comes from the “downstairs” is tenuous and passing while the awakening, that comes from “upstairs” is not. The Lord’s plan is to bring the “upper awakening” so that it would not vanish in a couple of years. This is the main strategic question for the Church.”

We guess that the sleep would be better. Especially if it is the eternal sleep.

Pavel Savelyev

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