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Dmitry Skvortsov, «2000»


One month and a half ago numerous big boards, posters, TV and radio ads and the light boxes in the Kyiv underground proposed the townsmen and the guests of Kyiv to “Feel the Power of Changes”. To do this you simply had to dial the “hot line” number mentioned on those ads and order a book about God.

And after all on the 19th of December the solemn closing of the project took place in Vishnev near Kyiv. The initiate of this psychological attack was Hannu Haukka, a president of Finnish TV Company IRR-TV. According to the “, the Mega-portal of the Christian resources” during the ceremony the leader of the All-Ukrainian Union of the Evangelist Christians Mikhail Panochko, the head of the association “the Lord’s church” Philip Savochka, the Independent Evangelist and Baptist Christian churches congregation leader Sergey Debelinskiy, the Ukrainian Bible community chief Grigory Komendant and the pastor of “Philadelphia” church Anatoly Kozachok praised God for the achieved results. And the results were 9114 calls to the “hot line”.


To achieve this fantastic number $ 478 000 of the Ukrainian businessmen overseas’ donations were spent. 676 ads were broadcasted on radio and 145 ads were put on air on TV. More than 1420 advertising places were used for billing (600 m2 party wall near the underground station Dnepr included). 255000 ads were distributed by the volunteers. 67 TV programs have been put on air on three TV channels (“Tonis”, CITY, TRK “Kyiv”). And to end it up 2 press-conferences took place in the news agency “Interfax – Ukraine”.





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