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It is better to be rich and healthy, than poor and sick. Who would argue! But if nevertheless illness has lodged in a body of the person, does not give rest, torments day and night, prevents to live normally? The person has fulfilled, overcoming a pain and an indisposition change, has come home, has lain on a sofa, has included the TV, and suddenly from the telescreen to it offer healing! Without wearisome campaigns on doctors, without analyses and inspections, without painful injections and not palatable medical procedures, and it is gratuitous. Simply miracles! « Come and receive the miracle! The pray for healing of chronic illnesses » - calls the spiritual center "Revival" and his head pastor Vladimir Muntjanu. Six times a week on three local telechannels pray for healing in a recreation center the Metallurgist, and also. At such scope in our city it is fast should not remain chronically patients? With advertising a leaf of the center "Revival" happy citizens who were ill with a chronic gastritis, a pancreatitis, an antritis, an otitis, etc. smile, and now are completely healthy.
Are really healthy or only feel like healthy? The known American seminary student pastor John MakArtur in the book "Harizmatiki" devoted to research of charismatic movement, rather in details shines{covers} a question of healing in charismatic churches. We shall not go deep into subtleties of divinity, we are interested more with an objective sight at healers and healings. «Strangely enough, - the seminary student, applying on possession this gift, never, apparently, writes leave the assemblies and churches, and also television studios. They for some reason always need to show the gift in the controllable environment - on a stage and according to their own the schedule. Why we do not hear about display of gift of healing directly in hospital chambers? Why they do not create the miracles directly in the street where there is a weight of patients? Why it does not occur? Yes because healings applying for gift actually have no it». This opinion Protestant the priest.
But in fact helps! People really feel like better. American doctor William Nolan has carried out rather objective research and has written the book «Healing: the doctor in searches of miracles» .Он has come to a conclusion, that charismatic healers can frequently influence the patient and cure symptoms of illness suggestion. These healings are not miracle, but come owing to changes which the patient brings in functions of the vegetative nervous system. Doctor Nolan also notices, that all healers, both on belief, and in medicine - in any measure apply hypnosis. If you look after any time the patient to learn, that has taken place with it later will always find out, that healing was only time and symptomatic, the basic illness has remained. It is necessary to distinguish illnesses functional and organic. Functional disease is at what completely healthy body does not function correctly, organic disease comes as a result of organic destructions or damages of body. Infectious diseases, a cancer, heart attacks, bilious and почечные stones, the crises of bones displaced позвоночные disks, etc. healers as doctor Nolan considers, cannot cure.
But in fact to the some helps! Let not the miracle, let due to suggestion, but in fact helps! So can it is not necessary to waste time, money and the rests of health on campaigns on hospitals and drugstores? Has lain down on a sofa at the TV, has listened to sermons on three telechannels, descended on the sermon in recreation center “Metallurg” and you feel vigorous and healthy. With this question we have addressed to the psychotherapist, a member of professional psychotherapeutic league, the candidate of medical sciences Shostakovich George Vladimirovichu. Healers are focused on people, inclined to suggestion, - the psychotherapist considers. For all diseases the psychological component which defines the attitude to illness takes place. This attitude is important enough. One business to have illness, another - as to it to concern. People are inclined to suggestibility, aspire to transfer the responsibility for on someone, they want to trust that someone can remove from them something: illness, defacement, a patrimonial damnation also trust in it. Their concern concerning illness decreases. It is wonderful. But when with a psychological component of illness the expert, the psychotherapist works, it works together with the doctor with the doctor engaged somatik (the therapist, the oncologist, the surgeon and so on.) In case of mass healing work only with a psychological component. Treatment can come in cases when illness has extremely psychogenic character, is especial at hysterical persons. These cases are rare enough, the percent излечений is insignificant. Hence, treatment is possible, if the pathology is connected to features of the person and functional character has. (in general as Zadornov joked, the bruise under the third eye will resolve.) . If the pathology has organic character, there can be a change of the attitude for illness, the person as though feels simplification, the attention ceases to pay to illness. On the one hand is improves quality of a life that is in itself quite good, but with another - the person can pass development of illness, and out of time started treatment frequently leads to the most sad consequences. Heart attacks, insults due to a uncured hypertension which could be warned, the started cancer diseases, out of time made operations … It is necessary to draw a conclusion: if the person visits sermons of healers, and even feels simplification, it does not release it from necessity to be observed at the doctor. In general, on the God hope, but …
On a question, whether healing oncological diseases is possible, George Vladimirovich has answered unequivocally: any methods which improve quality of a life, are possible, improvement - is possible, treatment - is not present.
Pastor John MakArtur in book "Harizmatiki" tells: « I recently spoke with the person who has told to me, that their pastor has wonderfully cured his wife of a cancer. I have become interested and have asked: « Really? Well, so tell to me, as health of your wife now? » « She has died », - it has answered.
« Has died? How it is fast after healing? », - I have taken an interest
It has answered: « In a year ».
Such histories repeat pretty often. People are cured from a cancer, and year or a half-year after die from him».
However, the life is complex, the psychotherapist speaks, to medicine cases of self-healing are known, they are described in the literature, but it is observed extremely seldom and not connected to activity of any healers.
So can costs before to be sent on sermons or sessions of healing, to listen to opinion of pastor MakArtura: « the Principle is clear: when we fall ill, we should pray, search the help at the competent doctor and give to the God to make his will in our life … And also it is important to remember, that the God cures not through special healers who assert or only hint, that they have this wonderful gift, but Itself, at the independent will and desire ».

Shchekaturov J.N.
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