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They were sitting in a side part of hall, cuddling up, so that they could feel each other’s shoulder. They would do it when they were scared or if there was something dangerous.
A very loud music was roaring in the hall and these sounds made something deep inside the body shake and shiver. It made something odd with one’s mind too, as people in the hall clapped, yelled and stamped their feet dancing to that music. It seemed freaky. First, it was fun to look at grown-ups behaving as children. But then the boy felt frightened. The music went on and all these men and women looked as if they were doped up.
Valerka was quite astonished. He looked at the man, who was standing next to them. He stood with his hands raised up and his head being thrown back. There was an ugly grimace on his face, just as if he was suffering of severe toothache. He stood shaking. When Valerka looked at him he thought that he looked just like Sergey, his friend, when he was drugged up. Then he used to freak out just like that man.
As he remembered his friend, he threw a short glance at him and stood frozen with shock. Sergey was also standing with his hands up, shaking his body and looking at the musicians with like a happy idiot.
The boy was scared to death. He even thought that he should run away immediately. But then he remembered that he will have to hide himself in a cold and wet cellar and look for food daily, starving to half-death and thought that doing dirty work on a building for these crazy people would be the least evil. After he had thought it, he made himself close his eyes, raise his hands and move to music pretending as if he was one of them.

An ownerless flock of “Fire of Revival”

Pastor Nikolai was telling the congregation off the stage about a good deed, their church has been recently doing. The Fire of Revival church is seriously and truly concerned with destiny of homeless children, hence it has started giving the homeless children free dinners! Eight of them agreed to live in their church building after these free meals. The church is going to continue doing this; and their good work is highly appreciated by the state! It will give the building, which is standing nearby, to the church. All the necessary documents have already been submitted to authorities.
The pastor invited the children to come up to the stage. The kids came there one by one and stood still looking at the audience. There were eight of them, all in their mid-teens. They felt embarrassed when looking into the hall, while the audience stared at them. All of them were different, yet, they seemed to be unusually adult. Pastor Nikolay was telling about their life – some of the kids were orphans and the others’ parents were drunkards, there were children who used to take cheap drugs and there were even some who had been sexually abused. Nikolay smiled telling the audience about their homeless life, as if it was a funny and pleasant adventure. He just kept smiling and it was impossible to know whether he was really amused with the children’s grief or he had just forgotten to shed away his professional smile from his face and it kept shining, this brilliant inappropriate happy smile, and he was telling a bitter story of the sufferings, the children had to bear. Konstantin Maksimov, the senior pastor of the church, was there too. He was dressed up in a white suit with a gold bracelet on his wrist; and he was sitting on a small decorative column in a very gracious and showy way and smiled happily looking at this "show". The only people in the hall that didn’t look happy were the children.
Then, standing on a stage, children sang a "Christian" rock song together with the "church" musicians. They obediently moved to music and sang a cheerful song about the God, but there was no happiness on their faces – just the same grief and sadness. Last chord of the song was still going on when pastor Nikolay told everyone to pray for these waif children.
The prayer started. 300 people mumbled and muttered, shaking to music. Some children closed their eyes, and shook too muttering something. It was obvious, that some of them were in a trance state.
After a prayer Nikolay let « the Blessed ones»come to their places.

The kind pastor and the evil state.

After Dnepropetrovsk city service for the underage children’s affairs had received a signal that underage children are forced to labor for free in «the Fire of Revival» church, the check-up was organized to investigate this fact.
The employees of “the Fire of Revival” Christian church” showed a strangely aggressive response to the authorities’ visit. They tried not to let making video, interfere with a video shooting, threatened with troubles, as they claimed that they had very “good relationships with the government”. The members of the “Fire of Revival” must have forgotten about all the divine commandments as they told blunt lies. The so-called "Christians" hid children and prevented the service for the underage children affairs representatives to talk to them and put as much obstacles in the inspectors’ work as possible. One should definitely appreciate these inspectors’ professionalism, endurance and selflessness. It was the first time in their professional experience that the organization was so impudent and the level of interfering with their doing their work (which is absolutely legal) was that high.
Pastor Maksimov didn’t meet the inspectors of the service for the underage children’s affairs, he seemed to disappear miraculously – he was just giving his substitutes instructions by phone. He must have been sure that it was an unspeakable honor for the representatives of the service to stand in the street near his "modest" car, with "a very humble" license plate saying "PASTOR". There was also a very doubtful script on the back glass saying “the God’s Servant”. This sign seems to be very tricky, as it makes you think that it is the car that is a servant, thus, its master must consider himself to be 100% divine and supreme.
There was a check, carried out by the inspectors of the criminal police for the underage children’s affairs. The letter №3/6-242 was sent on the 24.10.2005 to N. V. Olshanskaya, the head of this police department. The document contained the following information:

“The city service for the underage children’s affairs was informed by the “Family and Personality Protection Society”, which is a public organization from Kiev, that on the territory of the “Fire of Revival” religious organization (its address is Dnepropetrovsk, Aptekarsky lane, 6b), a number of homeless children used to live for a significant period of time. It seemed that these waifs were constantly on the church’s territory”.

In order to find out if this was the truth, the officials of the service for underage children’s affairs of the city council together with the similar organization from the regional council went there and carried out a spot-check.

During the check-up, it had been found out that homeless children really stayed there.

After having had a conversation with the children, it became clear that the kids lived in the church’s premises, had their meals there and that they were forced to do some hard work in the church. But as the head of the organization was away, inspectors failed to have a normal conversation with the children, thus, it was still impossible to know the kids’ place of permanent residence.

The head of this religious organization never addressed the city council’s service for the underage children’s affairs concerning the social protection of these children.

We ask to help us find out the underage children’s identity and place of registration and lodging in order to provide these children with social care and protection ».
The Bible teaches the Christians, that the government is the authority, given by the God: it might be either good or bad, but regardless to this, it is still given by the God. According to the Bible, a decent Christian should obey the law and be a decent citizen. If the Christian violates the laws, given by the government, it means that he violates the laws, given by the Lord. And the one, who breaks Divine Laws, can never be accepted by the lord. This is exactly how Maximov’s actions are estimated in Christianity – yet, he claims that his position is truly Christian and the pastor should do it like this.
From the Christian point of view, Maximov’s deed is nothing but a sin, as he violated the law, provided by the state authority (and by the Lord as well). Of course, Maximov might tell that he did it as he didn’t know the Law. But then, he is a bad pastor and might lead his flock somewhere wrong.
Moreover, if Christians do something for charity, they don’t ask anything in advance. This is what the Bible preaches. Yet, after Konstantin Maximov had given an orphanage a “donation” of 14 packs of meat dumplings, 400 grams each, he required the head of the orphanage write a letter proving the fact of the charity act being complete. He offered a 120 grivnyas as a donation to another orphanage and required a letter as a proof as well. This doesn’t look like what the Bible tells about, does it?
I am absolutely sure that Maximov act as number one old fox, as he uses the neglected children’s tragedy for his own profit at least three times. First, he claims he has right for the premises, as he is going to establish “a rehabilitation center for the waifs”. Isn’t this savvy? Then, he uses them to get more donations out of parishioners, as they feel sympathy for the children. And, after all, he uses them as slaves to do some hard everyday toil as he is sure that this is the way the kids should thank the pastor for his kindness. This is really awesome, isn’t it?

The Police and the Waifs

Before having their visit to the “Fire of Revival”, the representatives of Dnepropetrovsk Service for the underage children’s affairs warned the similar police department and made an arrangement about having a joint check.
The inspectors waited for the police officers, yet, this was no success, as none of they came.
From a phone conversation with the inspector of regional police department for the underage children’s affairs, that took place on the 1.11.2005 we managed to find out that the police failed to find the waifs in the “Fire of Revival” church. But they are supposed to be there. It was told that they are well-treated and that they are fed well, that they were not made to work, moreover, they can even play football on the pitch and that there was a big washing machine in their room. But anyway, the police officers couldn’t find children. It is said to be a difficult task, because the pastor doesn’t let police into the church. Besides, the police officers told that the pastor has some powerful patrons, whom he prays for.

The Truth

01.11.2005. At Dnepropetrovsk railway station we met a homeless child who took part in the “Fire of Revival’s” show.
- Why did you leave the church, were they treating you wrong?
- No, it is good there, there’s food, and nobody steals anything, but I there did not like that pastor Nikolay made us go only in pairs so that we could control one another and didn’t let us leave the of the church.
- What was your daily routine there?
- We woke up at 5-30, at 6-00 everyone should pray, then we had a breakfast, and after the breakfast we went working on the building. At 12-00 we prayed, had our lunch and went working again; after the supper there was an evening prayer, we studied and went to beds.
- I saw you praying off the stage: you closed your eyes, lifted hands upwards, and shook your body. What did you feel at this time?
- I felt good as I was with the Lord.
- Were there children who did not wish to pray among you?
- Yeah. If they showed their disobedience to the God, they were expelled.
- How many children are in church?
- Only 17 people, about 12 years old: there are 4 girls and 8 boys. But pastor Konstantin spoke, that it is necessary to bring more guys from the station so that they helped to build church.
- Would you like us help you get a job?
- What for? We live for the last days, the doomsday will be soon. The Christ will come, it is necessary to be saved. What work, you’re kidding.
-Have you got mother? Is she an alcohol addict?
- Mum works, I wrote the letter to her. I told that she needn’t worry, and that I’m all right as I’m with the Holy Spirit. I did not give her my new address.
- We could buy you the ticket, so that you went to your mom.
- I needn’t mom, as I’ve got Christ. Mum lives in the world, and I live with the Christ. No, I’m gonna stay here for a while and then I’ll get back to the church. Lord will arrange all up to his mind. Nothing depends on us; God is the only thing that matters. My life is in the Lord’s hands, and it’s up to him to decide what happens with me.

Without comments.

Here is the letter, written by Kalantayevsky P. I., the head of the executive committee of the Industrialny district of Dnepropetrovsk. The letter was addressed to Kvitka S.A., the head of the Department for the Internal Policy. The letter was written on the 5.11.2002, the code number of the letter is №8/264.

We inform you that recently there have been a lot of cases, when children escaped from their homes. It is noteworthy that most of these kids came from the religious families, which members visited the services in the “Fire of Revival” church regularly.

For instance, citizen *****, born in 1945, whose address is *******, has the minor son. She is not involved into his education, she does not control his behavior, so, the boy often plays truant at school and runs away from his house. His mother considers that “only the Lord can bring her son up properly and it’s all about the Lord, after all”.

Considering the aforesaid, the executive committee of Industrialny regional council asks to work with the leaders of the “Fire of Revival” religious organization in order not to let these situations happen in the families of those parishioners, who have underage children.

The convention of the United Nations « On protection of the rights of children » and authorities of Dnepropetrovsk

Since September, 27th 1991, the United Nations’ convention “On protection of the children’s rights» is a part of Ukraine’s legislations.
Article 19 says the following: “Children have the right to be protected from all forms of physical, psychological violence both in family and outside of it”.
According to article 19, “The state should take all necessary legislative, social, administrative and educational measures to provide the protection of children from all forms of physical and psychological violence”.
But did the things get any better after fourteen years that passed since the article had been ratified?

The problem of homeless children has reached the level of the state problem, yet, there is no complex program to overcome it. According to the official information, there are dozens of thousands of the homeless children in Ukraine, but the experts think that the true number exceeds the level of one hundred thousand of waifs. The actual slavery, psychological and sexual violence, use exploitation of children’s physical work is what the homeless children in Ukraine have to see experience daily. There is an enormous number of adventurers, who are willing to make a fortune, using other people’s grief for their own profit. And frequently it is enough for these “kind guys” to use a plate of soup to take poor children into the trap. The fact that the state is weak cannot be an excuse for the lawless actions. The laws claim that it is the family and the state, who take responsibility for the children and those, who tell about giving this responsibility to various “public and religious organizations” in order to solve the problem of care, should remember it.


Late at night, after an evening prayer, the pastor told that the Lord loves all of them, and to prove it he sends them to other city. It is necessary for the Lord, that they lived there, served the God, and obeyed the pastor. If they did it all, the Lord would give them wealth and make their dreams come true.
- You trust the Lord, don’t you?  - The pastor yelled.
- We do trust!  -  The kids answered simultaneously.
- Let us praise the Lord!
- Let us praise the Lord!
Early in the morning the car with children left Dnepropetrovsk. Valerka felt sad. He was about to cry.
Some man, whom the boy had never seen before, drove the van; and something like “ Jesus is my God, Jesus is my God …” roared from the tape-recorder.
Valerka looked at Sergey, who was sitting next to him. He was shaking his body to the music, his eyes were closed. Other kids felt high praising the Lord.
“I have a bad feeling about it”- Valerka thought, looking on trees, passing in behind the window of the car. Where are they taking us? Maybe I ought to run away at the next stop… But where shall I go? Does it mean I’ll have to get back to cellars, to steal and to starve? Maybe, I should return to the orphanage? But what if the Lord punishes me? There were so many witnesses in the church, who told that the Lord punishes those, who don’t obey him.
Then he remembered his mother, so kind and tender – the way she used to be before she became an alcohol addict. He remembered that she used to tell him: “Never sit into strange people’s cars, regardless to what they give you or promise you. Never get into strange people’s cars”.
Valerka looked at the frozen smile on the driver’s face and felt scared.
He realized that at the next very stop he will make himself free again.

Dmitry Granov

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