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Comment of Center for Religious Studies and RACIRS (РАЦИРС)

What has happened in Kiev can called be nothing but catastrophe for Ukraine: Neo- Pentecostal cult member Mr. Leonid Chernovetsky has won the election of Kiev city mayor. Mr. Chernovetsky is an active member and "pastor" of Neo- Pentecostal cult "Embassy of Blessed Kingdom of God for all people of the world" (also known as "Embassy of God") headed by a Nigerian citizen Mr. Sunday Adelaide.
Fanatically loyal to Mr. Adelaide Mr. Chernovetsky has won only due to lack of unity of his opponents, getting only 31.83 % of votes.
The newly elected mayor is also known as a reach finance magnate (head of "Privex" corporation and "Privex- Bank"), and the author of the book called "How to make your first million" (the title of the book is typical for the Neo- Pentecostal cults, which promote "the theology of prosperity.") In the election campaign we widely used demagogic statements, widely cited by the media due to their enormous primitiveness and lack of eloquence.
What is more important is that, unfortunately, in Kiev the start to putting into practice the concept of "The New World Order" declared by the most well- known Neo- Pentecostal in the former Soviet Union Mr. Alexis Lediaev has been given. "The New World Order" means coming to power "priests" ("pastors") and activists of Neo- Pentecostal cults, which will create world government lead by George Bush.
Many people spoke about the danger of extremist program of Mr. Lediaev. It has got such negative publicity that head of Neo- Pentecostal churches in our country Mr. Sergey Riakhovsky had to condemn it (but in quite moderate way.) However, he fully worked for the dividends of activity of Mr. Lediaev, promising to scared Russian government officials that only him, "episcope" Riakhovsky will be able to stop his church members from following Ukrainian "orange" revolution and from effort of forceful putting "The New World Order" into practice. Unfortunately, authorities believed him and included Mr. Riakhovsky into the couple of advising bodies of the President of Russian Federation. This membership, properly presented has given the entrepreneurial Neo- Pentecostal the possibility of growing his strength and quietly grow new people for the future "turbulent times." Nobody expected that the cults would come to power so early. It has not happened in Russia yet. This is just the beginning though. From Kiev to Moscow is not far at all and the different Departments of State are for a long time already positioning Ukraine as a successful example of democracy for the whole former Soviet Union. We are told that people in Kiev have made their democratic choice and nobody can argue with it. 73 years ago people of Germany also made their democratic choice: thirty percent of citizens voted for NAZIS, whom were also for "The New World Order" and also known for its charismatic demagogic leader. The same number of percents voted for charismatic Mr. Chenovetsky. Everybody knows what those democratic elections brought to the world. We can only wait to see what March elections will bring to Kiev and Ukraine.
Do we need to make the same mistakes again and again?
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