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How I was in the church By Katherine M.

I do not want to give my name because I am still scared of this organization. I would like to deter those who are naive and waiting for the "help of God".
I ended up in this "church" by accident as everybody else.
My aunt "believer" together with her "spiritual brothers and sisters" exerted their influence on my mother and finally made her to come to their church and come to the stage for "repentance".
Mom pulled me after herself. First, everything seemed strange, starting from "the moment of repentance": pastor talked and everybody repeated after him. Now it reminds me hypnosis: "repeat after me"... He used hypnosis to put in people's minds the idea that they were absolute sinners and that they must repent now whether they like it or not. If a new person did not want to come to stage he was brought their almost using violence.
After some time I used to everything and it even seemed that things should have been exactly as they were: long preaching during which the pastor easily jumped from one subject to another, as if he destructed attention, and you sit and catch all his words and diligently make notes. Many people could not tolerate that and fainted, and the rest were catching every word and after every loud phrase made noises like football fans.
For them I was a "difficult case" may be because it was difficult to influence me by hypnosis. Then they just isolated me from the normal world: they said that I had to attend meetings at home, "worship" two times per week, furthermore, they made me to attend "the Bible school" where missing the class was almost a great sin. Also, there were praying groups, workshops and other activities, which did not leave even a second of time for any private life. By the way, there should not be "private life" because you can find the right spouse only in the church (they made couples out of the people who attended the church).
Gradually I was giving up. I was attending the workshops all-over the city after which some "elder" always asked me what was the preacher talking about as if they checked me. There was almost around the clock monitoring..... I ended up scared of thinking about anything of this world I was just thinking about spiritual things, I was scared of them, they seem to be like x-ray, they seemed to be able to know my thoughts...
8 horrible years passed like that. I started to understand that I was going crazy but if I started to think about leaving I ended up in panic: they will find me, show me a hindered of my sins and I will have to repent to the rest of my life.
In the end I was able to leave, but for a year after that I was scared and depressed. Their mind control technologies were so powerful that I was able to get rid of this mind control only recently, after 11 years of knowing them.
The freedom cost me many years of slavery and "brain washing" and many of my friends had never got it and went crazy. It is painful for me to look at their artificial smiles and empty eyes... Is that the kind of "help" we expect from God?
Just out of curiosity, look through the lists of names in the political parties' election rivals: did you find many representatives of tradition church there? The best case scenario would be just a few. Instead, there are many "non- traditional" there. Why do they need political power? Probably they want subject us to the mind control to promote their "spiritual" orientation with the help of political authority, so that there would not no obstacles for them to exert their mind and soul control technologies on us...

Finish of election campaign is time of massive political psychosis and hot time for corrupt journalists. While they are making money brain- washing the public with advertising, we try to save remains of mental health. The question "Who to vote for?" will son cease to just topic for discussions. Before voting for the least evil though it should be identified somehow. How? The through analysis will show that many options to choose from are nothing but illusion.
We are facing choice but we have to make the choice to know what we have chosen. We do not like any of the options. Here in Dnipropetrovs'k city ten days before the elections not everywhere the list of candidates to the parliament is available. Why is that?
At the "Channel one" unknown to me "politicians" was reading advertisements of his party. The emblem is the bell with the letters SCP (Socio- Christian Party). The advertising consisted of slandering "everybody and everything" and was full of words "Christians" and "Christian" in all variations. I have heard that at night the other day on channel 1РТ from "true believer" and "liberal Christian" Mrs. Shulha.
The similarity had become almost perfect when the leader of SCP Mr. Vladyko as well as Mrs. Shulha said that in Germany Christians had recently come to power. These the so-called "Christians" pushed things too much. I have only one question: "What do you SCP, CLPU (Christian Liberal Party of Ukraine), and CDU (Christian Democratic Union) have to do with that?"
Let us lake the lists of candidates to the local governments of these parties and see "who is who".
Province government.

Mr. L. M. Chernovetsky member of the same gang with Charismatic pastor Mr. Sandey Adelagie (we will talk about this pastor later).
What does an inhabitant of Kiev city do in the local government of our province if he is in the list of candidates of People's Union "Our Ukraine" (PUOU) which tires to get to the National Parliament of Ukraine? Especially now when investigation of corrupt practices of Privex bank of Mr. L. M. Chernovetsky which is linked to the scandal of robbed by "Elite- center" people is going on.
A. G. Tischebko is a pastor of Charismatic "church" called "New generation" located in the town of Pershotravensk. In Kharkiv city they also have the same "church under the apostle support of Mr. Alex Lediaev". We will talk about Mr. Lediaev later.
J. N. Kantsur is a pastor of Charismatic "church" called "Preobrazhenie".
Further in the list there are "directors" and "private entrepreneurs".
Mr. S. P. Vinkovsky is a pastor of Charismatic "church" called "Victory".
Mr. H. V. Hvozdetky is a pastor of Charismatic "church" called "Awakening", originated from Charismatic "church" called "Fire of Awakening" of "pastor" Mr. McSimoff. Trained by "pastor" Lehomina.
We have fond the same people in the list of candidates to the city council. The list of CLPU starts with "charismatic" S. H. Shulga and a pastor of Charismatic "church" called "Door to Heaven" Mr. J. V. Konovalov who is bombarding the city dwellers by his "television advertisements" every day and neglects laws of Ukraine.
In Lenin's district of Dnipropetrovs'k city the list of candidates from CLPU starts with vice- chair- man of association called "Awakening" Mr. A. B. Reznitsky and "pastor" of church called "Door to Heaven" L. D. Kolontay. There is no time to check other candidates.
The list of candidates to the city council starts with pastor of Charismatic "church" called "Fire of Awakening" Mr. K. N. McSimoff. This is the same McSimoff who is known for illegal construction, slandering of the government, rampant failing to abide by the law of "Freedom of conscious...", and exploitation of children. These are all indications of "holiness"!
Alarming the presence in the same list on the third position Mr. Eugene Ivanovich Immodest who is the vice- chief of one of the units of the KGB.
There is no information about S. H. Baran which is illegal.
It is found in the lists of candidates to Chervonohvardijsky district council of Dnipropetrovs’k city though. It says that this man is director of Private Company called "Stratos" which is not too far from "Fire of awakening", where almost all staff are adepts of the "fire".
In this list there is a staff member f the KGB Mr. Eugene Igorevych Immodest. Is it a misprint? Is it conspirator? Medical doctor Mrs. O. V. Immodest.
First in the list is "modest" private entrepreneur Mr. E. F. Biletsky who is in fact "pastor of business worship" of the same "Fire of Awakening", linked with business structures of this the so-called "Church".
In the lists of candidates of SCP to district council of Amur district of Dnipropetrovs'k city out of 7 candidates minimum 5 (!) represent "Fire of Awakening".
Three "pastors", one member of staff Private Company called "Stratos" and wife of the second "pastor".
Zhovtneby district of Dnipropetrovs'k city is lucky enough to have minimum four candidates representing "Fire of awakening" and Private Company called "Stratos".
In Samara district of Dnipropetrovs'k city 2 candidates represent these organizations.
The aforementioned "pastor" O. A. Legomina can be found as number one in the lists of SCP in Kirov district of Dnipropetrovs'k city together with an expert of Private Company called "Stratos" Mr. A. V. Alioshyn.
By the way, in the lists of candidates of these "Christian" parties many "private entrepreneurs", and it cannot be excluded that they may be the same as Mr. E. F. Biletsky. They are in the lists of other parties. For example, in the lists candidates of PUOU in Amur district of Dnipropetrovs'k city at the fifth place there is private entrepreneur Mr. A. A. Panfilov, who is a regional pastor of the same "Fire of Awakening".
I did not look the lists of candidates of all districts at all and I do not know all "pastors" by name.
What really happens? Why priests, rabies, imams, pastors of protestant movements almost do not try to get positions in the local governments and "those" are so many?
In our country real religious organizations exists. They are usually represented by world religions. Also, there are organizations which are registered as "religious". Even though in our country religion is separated from the state, secular local government may register almost any organization as religious, no matter what it is in reality.
In our country anybody can get privileges, which are given to the religious organizations by the government and then uncontrollably manipulate people's minds, collect money, conduct political agitation during the worship, disseminate agitation materials in the "churches" deciding for adepts who to vote for taking away the right of free voting.
These "pastors" need more than just enslave the members of their religious communities, they do not have enough privileges! They want immunity of the member of the parliament, which will give even more power. Recently in "Fire of awakening" it was said "If we do not deal with politics then politics will deal with us! There are thousand of us! If everybody convinces 20 to 30 people to vote for SCP, we will win the elections".
What will happen if people, who consider them as "holly" and "salt of the Earth" for whom we are third class citizens, will come to power?
The other day "pastor" McSimoff said: "We make history, and you are dust!" Obviously the "history" they make is "medical history" of sick people...

by Mr. Igor Makoff.
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