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Non- traditional religious and mystical groups had become inseparable part of Ukrainian reality.
They grow very fast. In 1992 there were 79 of registered communities of non- traditional religions, in 1997 - 399, and in 2003 already 1617. Nobody knows how many of these cults and how many people are there in reality because our legislation does require from them to be registered.
The negative consequence of attending the meetings of the cults is worsening mental state of the people. The greatest concern is requiting children to the new cultures.
In families where both patents are members of cults a child is recruited to the cult from birth. This is karma- "sins of parents fall on the children."
New cults use psycho- therapeutical methods, Erickson’s hypnosis, trans states, neuro- linguistic programming, and other methods of mind control. Children have no privileges in that sense.
In "Makharisha Makhish yoga" (Transcendental meditation) to put a person in the state of trans, mantras, which mean names of Goddess of death Kali, are used. Usually, she is depicted with bloody tongue with human corpses hanging at the belt. She holds bloody axes in her hands. People are recruited to this cult starting four years of age. A kid calls on this Goddess repeating mantra as parents said.*
The latest research of German scientists proved that constant repeating of mantras significantly reduces the ability of organs of censoring to perceive external information, causes destruction of personal cognitive processes, for some people such methods can cause to nervous breakdowns and mental illnesses. **
A kid gets to know the outside world in the state of "changed consciousness". Also, the cult publishes and disseminates books for kids for painting, where they tell about Makharisha and give recommendations for all situations in life. These children do not know the taste of fish and eggs. They eat mostly spaghetti and soy. Starting from the age of two spices bought from the cult are added to food of kids, and nobody checked their content.
Stomach disorders and vegetative (peripheral) nervous system disorder are rampant among these children, especially wide spread are mental illnesses among them.
William Bowen, who for 44 years (starting from his birthday) was a member of Jehovah Witnesses cult and occupied high position these, made public outrageous facts of sexual abuse of under- aged children in this cult. The victims are often scared to testify due to pressure and intimidation. ***
It is possible to write a lot about kids who are members of the cults...
For example, adepts of "Scientology Church" are strongly not recommended to give medications to sick children, to hug and comfort a kid is a kid had fallen and hurt himself/herself. If a child has fever (high temperature), scientologists do not give him/her medication to reduce the temperature, instead he/she should hold something in his/her hands and do not move. If the temperature does not drop, then kid is guilty: either child had made a mistake, or had not repeated the procedure often enough. Kids are forced to do physically hard work for 40 - 60 hours per week. They are forced to spy after each other and subject them to severe punishments. The cult insists on stopping communication with the grand- parents if they are not scientologists. Mothers who raised their children in the cult later feel guilty for the torture which they have subjected their children to.
Hollywood star Nicole Kidman refused to raise her two adopted kids as scientologists and this caused break up with her husband with well known actor Tom Cruse who is as loyal to the cult as fanatic. "I want to raise the children as Roman Catholics" said Nicole; she was supported by the government which protects conscious and faith. Both children are with her and father does not have the right to forces them to scientology. ***
Often when one of the parents becomes involved with cult, it ends up with divorce. "I want to raise children as Orthodox Christians" says Ukrainian mother (or father) and.... Our government officials would explain that the second parent has the same rights for raising kid, and if you think that this is bad for child, you must prove that. Today, after secession of existence of the Government Committee for Religions, there is no official governmental body which should do expert assessment of activities of cults. Imagine the situation when on Sunday child prays to Christ with his/her mom and on Thursday to Goddess Kali with his/her dad. And young woman, who is under stress after divorce, who has to care for child, must prove to the government that the cult of her husband is destructive and that participation of such father in raising child will be bad for the kid. Freddy Criger relaxes!
Suppose that with the help of God mother (or father) could protect the child from the cult, but this does not guarantee that he/she will not end up there. Child attends kindergarten or school, music lessons, physical training, etc. Walks down the street after all. Any of the teachers can be an adept of some cult and spread his/her propaganda. On our streets recruiters of cults act without control. Cults try to penetrate to the education system by all means. While doing that they hide information about who they really are, presenting themselves as non- governmental organizations (NGOs). They open private kindergartens, schools, and try to penetrate to the governmental system of education.
In 1974 Transcendental meditation started to be taught in many American schools and only in 1977 through the court with many difficulties it was banned. * Teaching of TM had become a dream of Ukrainian followers of Makharisha. University of management of Makharisha operates successfully and there is University of management of Makharisha in our city.
In 1995 more than 2000 Russian schools taught the subject following the text- book "My world and I" which had been worked out by Munuits cult, and in Kalmikia this subject was mandatory, and after big scandals it had been cancelled. * Having official permission of administration of educational establishments, members of new cults conduct propaganda of their religions, presenting that as lectures against recreational drugs, healthy life- style, etc.
Thus, parents must be especially careful to what their children are taught. Suppose, caring parents, have decided to address the government after finding out that there is propaganda of cults in their school... again, they will need to prove that this is a cult and destructive cult. Dnipropetrovs'k regional government gives the reward to Dnipropetrovs'k University of Management of Makharisha "For significant contribution into solving of problems of education in the name of social progress."
This policy of the government towards cults can only be called as protectionism.
New government has come to power. It will have to solve this problem together with other problems. The policy of the government is toward integration to European Union. It is necessary to adjust our legislation to European legislation, which reliably protects non- mature minds of children from destructive cults. But time is not waiting, children suffer today, and the only organization which helps victims of destructive cults "Dialog" is an NGO.

* Book: А. Дворкин, «Сектоведение», стр.238,323,360,366-367, Нижний Новгород, 2003год.
** Text- book: Учебник, стр. 128
*** Journal: Журнал «Прозрение» №1, 2003г. стр. 6 - 7; №1, 2001год.
For assistance regarding activities of different pseudo- religious cults you can address us at: office 28, 29 Dzherzynky Street, Dnipropetrovs'k city 49000 Ukraine. Telephone number: (+38 0 562) 33-73-08.

Anna Vasilkovskaya
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