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20.09.2010 Is Falungun and scientology against human rights on safe existence?
20.09.2010 Li Hunchzhi’s three main methods to control his followers
17.09.2010 Falun Dafa improves, doesn’t it?
15.09.2010 Does Falungun stand for “Truth, kindness and patience”? Or they stand for lie, evil and intolerance?
15.09.2010 Falungun Followers and Society
31.08.2010 An exhibition for cranks
27.08.2010 “Falun Gong”. Aggression against consciousness
26.08.2010 New cult can cause a quarrel between Kiev and Beijing
26.08.2010 God’s Servant’s false deeds and “holy” miracles. Part 3
26.08.2010 God’s Servant’s false deeds and “holy” miracles. Part 2
17.08.2010 Modern sect. What is it?
17.08.2010 Children in sects. Is there any way out?
27.05.2010 Presentday heros
27.12.2009 Roofless Catholic Temple
19.12.2009 Deprogramming, Exit Counseling, and Ethics: Clarifying the Confusion
08.11.2009 View from the overseas
08.11.2009 Lyubomir Guzar, The Head of Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church tells about politics
08.11.2009 Anti-Jinx Gadget
08.11.2009 In one team with the God
16.10.2009 Editing page 99
27.09.2009 Unexpected justice
27.09.2009 Themis VS Hubbard’s “gods”
25.09.2009 Miracles for everyone!
24.09.2009 What are "History-makers" doing?
16.09.2009 Fishy food
16.09.2009 In France they want to ban Scientology Church
16.09.2009 Psychological analysis of the divine service In “the doorway to heaven” religious organization
16.09.2009 Falsely Christened
22.06.2009 AIDS: there are different opinions
22.06.2009 The adepts of the yellow God
15.06.2009 Kill to save Is the new autburst of extremizm in Dnipropetrovsk?
02.06.2009 Dangerous sects of Ukraine
06.04.2009 The new cult may become the reasjn of a quarrel between Kiev and Beijing!
02.04.2009 The Catholics of Dnepropetrovsk have got a new bishop and a number of old problems
24.02.2009 Are sectarians striving to get into Crimean schools?
18.12.2008 Brand of Goddess
08.12.2008 A few clowns short of a tent
03.12.2008 The odd clowns
07.11.2008 One thousand five hundred Christians in Dnepropetrovsk
13.09.2008 The actions rose up the protest
10.09.2008 The Protests against the Olympiad Took Place in the Center of the City
10.09.2008 The actions rose up the protest
09.09.2008 Whom do “men in yellow” serve?
09.09.2008 Brothers from China
08.08.2008 Falun Gong Disciples: Who are they?
08.08.2008 During the service they gathered money with buckets
08.08.2008 On the streets of Dnepropetrovsk sectarians imitate the human organs extraction
04.08.2008 Why were “the organs extracted”
25.05.2008 Scientologists are claimed to be out of law in Belgium since now
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